Red Copper vs Copper Chef- Ultimate Decision

Who doesn’t like a plate of delicious, mouth-watering, ravishing meal to fill our stomach? Everyone, right? But to get one, you either need to go to a restaurant or prepare it yourself. Wherever it be done, one needs to use some utensils to get it done. So here we are discussing two cookware lines, Red Copper and Copper Chef.


Just like any other cookware lines, these two companies also have a range of pans. Also, they both are made out of copper. Let’s discuss each in details.


Red Copper Pan

Firstly, the Red Copper Pan by Bulb Head is a non-stick, ceramic copper pan. It has a range of collections some of which includes Red Copper pan, Red Copper 5 piece set, Red Copper Square Dance, and more. The copper-infused ceramic coating of the pots is very lightweight and sturdy which will not only do not make scratches but also does not affect the food. Due to this infusion, dishes can be produced with ease as it helps it the movement of food in the pan and without using much of cooking oil or butter.

He handles of these pans are robust and sturdy. These pans can be used across any stovetop and oven but not on induction cooktops because it is not equipped with an aluminum and stainless steel base which does not allow induction. It has heat resistant up to 500 degrees and also is dishwasher safe. It is not versatile at all.


Copper Chef Pans

Now, coming to the Copper Chef pans which is also a non-stick, copper ceramic pan and also has a range of collections. The non-stick feature in these pans ease the process of cooking by natural movement and also uses less oil or butter. It is a bit heavier than its rival. The handles are hollow and get hot in extreme temperatures. Unlike the Red Copper, the Copper chef pans can be used across any cooking tops, whether it be stove, oven or induction. They have a heat resistant up to 800 degrees which is higher than the latter. It is also dishwasher safe. These are adaptable to various situations. They come with varieties of accessories like tempered glass lid, fry basket, and a steam and roast rack.


Red Copper Pan Copper Chef pans Similarities

The Copper Chef and the Red Copper pans, both used for cooking have their own pros and cons, similarities and differences. Both have their own reviews and reactions. According to many reports, surveys the Copper Chef is leading. But it also depends upon the user. So when one is going to purchase copper pans, there are some points that one should keep in mind while choosing. Those criteria include handling, weight, aesthetics and most importantly what you will be cooking in it.


Pros And Cons

Red Copper

Red copper is mostly frying pan. It doesn’t contain any layer. It is very cheap than the copper chef one. The most amazing thing is, you will found less scratch on red copper pans. Because of it’s by default nature of the soft copper coating. It’s also very thin and slim than the chef copper one.

Copper Chef

On the other hand, the copper chef is a little bit expensive than the red cooper. Its price is five or six times higher than the red cooper. The chef copper and red copper both are oven proofed. But chef cooper is not thin as like the red copper. It is also heavy than the red one. The most common disadvantage of chef copper is it’s not very much suitable for its deeper shape. While red copper is very much ideal for almost every cooker.


Therefore, it is a very close call between the two pans with Copper chef leading the league. But I would love to go with the red copper chef. Because of its light weight and easy use. And let me tell you a secret that, you can clean a red copper plan very quickly after your cooking. While copper chef cleaning process is a much longer cause of its size. So if you are lazy cooker like me, I am pretty much sure that you would love red copper.


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