Spring cleaning becomes fast and more effective when you know how to clean and polish the most widely used metals used in our day to day lives. Copper and brass are two of most influential metals used in everyday life. As such, knowing the proper way to clean clean and brass can indeed make your spring cleaning process much faster and that even- at a breeze.

On the quest of your spring cleaning process, if you are seeking for some of the better and best ways to clean copper and brass, then you have landed yourself on the right page.
Because, in here we have got you covered on how you can clean copper, brass and a rundown of some of the most effective cleaning techniques.

1. Basic Copper & Brass Cleaning Procedure

The metal brass is actually a copper alloy with a certain amount of zinc content in it. As such, the cleaning procedure of both copper and brass items are almost the same.

However, brass items are usually stronger and harder than that of the copper ones and this is why; when cleaning copper items extra precautions should be taken as compared to brass ones.

2. Chemical Cleaning Ingredients for Copper & Brass

Some of the best chemicals which is widely used to clean copper during industrial need are – Acetic Acid, Acetone, Hydrochloric Acid and another popular organic acid which is Citric Acid.

However, DIY copper cleaners are the most effective ones to clean tarnished ones. Indeed, homemade ones are better than store-bought ones and cleaning the copper naturally do make it shine like brand new.

3. Homemade Cleaning Ingredients for Copper & Brass

When it comes to homemade copper cleaners, there are actually many natural ingredients which you can use and these ingredients are most of the time available right in your cupboard.

Some of the most effective ingredients you can use as homemade copper cleaner are- vinegar, salt and baking soda for deep cleaning the copper whereas lemon juice for its citric acidic property. Moreover, did you know that you can also use ketchup as an alternative to vinegar and orange juice; just in case you got no lemon available in your home?!

4. How To Clean Copper & Brass Naturally

The layer of tarnish which develops on the copper or brass metal surfaces happens due to oxidization. To reduce this oxidization and to clean the copper naturally, opt for the following three natural methods of cleaning copper.

Method 1:
Simply pour a little amount of vinegar and sprinkle table salt on the copper surface. Rub the mixture all over the surface and very soon you will notice that the grim and tarnish is coming off. Rinse with water and pat the copper item dry with a dry and soft cloth.

Method 2:
All though, the above cleaning process is the least hectic and easiest one there is another cleaning method for your copper jewelries s or small items. Mix 1 tablespoon of table salt and 1 cup of vinegar in a pot and bring it to boil. Place the copper items inside the pot and let it boil till the tarnish or grim comes off. Once done, rinse the copper item thoroughly with clean water and pat dry.

Method 3:
Mix 1 lemon juice and 2 table spoon of salt to form a paste. Apply the paste all over the surface of the copper item and rub till the tarnish comes off. Rinse it off with clean water and make them as shiny just as brand new.

5. Things to Consider When Cleaning Copper

  •  Make it a habit of regularly cleaning the copper items so that the items don’t get tarnished. In this case, you can simply rub a lemon all over the surface of the copper and this will effectively clean it.
  •  Similarly, applying several coats of lacquer or beeswax on the surface of copper item prevent it from tarnishing.
  • Ketchup is an excellent ingredient to remove the oxidization from copper surface and clean burn copper. As such, let the ketchup sit on the copper surface for few minutes till you rub it with a soft cloth. You will notice the tarnish is coming off and then rinse it with clean water.

6. Copper Cleaning Precautions

  • When rubbing the copper items, avoid using scratch pads as this might scratch the surface of the copper. Rather, opt for using soft cloth when polishing or cleaning the items.
  • In case, you are cleaning thin copper plates or copper kettles avoid using harsh chemical or acid. It is because, cleaning the thin copper with harsh acids can remove the copper luster and color and thereby try to use a light vinegar solution for cleaning it effectively.
  • When cleaning the copper with any store-bought product, follow the precaution according to the package.

7. Brass Cleaning Precautions

  • Before cleaning brass items you should determine if its solid brass or brass plated steel. It is because, brass-plated one rusts where as solid brass items tends to form tarnish and thereby the cleaning procedure also varies.
  • Brass items need to be routinely cleaned to keep them looking their best and brand new.

8. How to Polish Copper & Brass At Home

Polishing the copper and brass items gently revitalizes and restores its natural color and shine. As such, regularly polishing these items should fall in your cleaning regime. The fastest way to polish copper and brass items is to apply lacquer thinner or acetone on a soft cloth and rub it all over the surface.
Additionally, you can give your brass and copper item a long-lasting protection by using some of the best non-scratch formulas. These copper creams and polishes when used on the copper items helps in leaving a protective tarnish coating which prevents in delaying tarnishing.

Copper and bronze items tend to lose the luster and overtime develops a layer of tarnish. As such, cleaning these metal items regularly is a must and maintaining a regular polishing regime helps in keeping the copper items hold its luster and shine.

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