The FTC DISCLOSURE Compliance Rules

A set of new rules for disclosure compliance are released by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2015.
These rules help make sure that the visitors or readers of a website are aware that publisher, blogger and website they are visiting is sponsored, partnered or endorsed by another product or company.
All links associated with are affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that the website owners are making money through the different products showcased and reviewed on the website. Affiliation, however, does not influence any of the reviews on our website. All the reviews are unbiased and reflect the views of our reviewers and not the production company. We get a small compensation from the products sold through the affiliate links on our website.

What are affiliate links?

When a consumer clicks an affiliate link on and buys a product, he/she buys it directly from the Source Company and not It helps us earn a small compensation from the websites or affiliate websites you visit through our website.
We mainly use two types of affiliate links:

  • Amazon Affiliate Links: By allowing links from and other websites affiliated with Amazon, we earn a fee from We get this compensation fee due to the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program.
  • Product Affiliate Links: When a consumer or website visitor clicks on a product link on our website and buys the product, we get some compensation or a percentage of the sale.