How to Clean Copper Pans

How to clean Copper Pans

Copper is a great material. So obviously cookware that made of copper is the best cookware set than any other non-sticky cookware sets. After continuous use for cooking your pans usually get dirty and sometimes it gets worse with a dark black layer. As copper has some good qualities its much easier to clean than any other non-stick pans. So in this article, we will discuss the magic hacks for cleaning copper plans.


Magic Hacks 1:

Soap & Warm Water:

Copper is known as soft steel. So you can use regular dish wash or soap powder with warm water to clean it. First of all, you need to fill sink the pan on warm water and then wait for one or two minutes.    This warm water makes the stains soft. After that, you can start to clean it with soap powder or any regular dishwasher.


Magic Hacks 2:

Lemon & Salt:

You can also use lemon and salt to clean copper cookware. It is the most effective way to clean most of the cookware. Lemon has a high quality to wash any dirty dish. It cleans almost everything.


  1. First of all, cut the lemon on small pieces.
  2. Rub the lemon piece all over the pans.
  3. Use slat on the sponge scrubber
  4. Add more salt as much as you need


It is the most simple and easy way to clean any copper. You can also use the salt coating on the copper pans. Table salt is preparable, but you can also use regular salt on it. You can make a mixer of lemon and salt and then you can use a sponge scrubber to clean it. You can also clan it by coating with salt at first and then use lemon pieces as scraber to scrub it. Believe me, it will work like magic. It will clean much better quickly.


Magic Hacks 3:

Salt & Vinegar:

Vinegar is an excellent alternative to lemon. Vinegar can be used instead of lemon. First mix the salt and vinegar, make the mixer and clean the copper pan. You can also use them separately. But if you make the mixer it will be more effective.


Magic Hacks 4:

Lemon Juice & Baking Soda:

Baking soda also a great powder to clean copper pans. It works better with lemon juice. Make a mixer of lemon juice with baking soda and then wash the pans. It works just instantly to clean the pans. When you use baking soda it works quickly and faster with the lemon juice.


Magic Hacks 5:


Yes, you can use coca-cola as a cleaner. Most of us don’t know about it. But you will believe after using it for the first time.

  1. Sink the pans on the coca-cola liquid.
  2. Keep the pan on the liquid for one or two hours.
  3. Let the pan soak some liquid that will make the pans stains soft.
  4. Use a plastic scrubber to scrub it.


Some more effective tips.

  1. Mix a lemon, vinegar & salt on a pot.
  2. Make a mixer together. Make sure the blender is good and mixed well.
  3. Use a rubber scrubber to scrub the pans.
  4. Use regular water to wash it properly.
  5. It’s much useful for any copper to make almost new.


Additional Tips:

  1. Please do not use abrasive cleaners for copper cookware.
  2. Copper is a soft material. So always use a soft scrubber to clean copper.
  3. Always handle copper cookware with proper care.
  4. If the utensils become tarnished on the pan keep it on water and allow them to boil for 2-3 hours.
  5. Do not heat a dry pan to high.
  6. Always keep the copper pan dry.
  7. Always make sure there is liquid or oil on the pan before place it on the stove.
  8. Always repair the damaged area.s
  9. Never scrub it too roughly. It may damage the copper cookware.
  10. Try to clean copper cookware regularly.


Above all, these are the useful & practical way to clean copper cookware. Copper is great and friendly cookware set for your kitchen. So always try to keep clean the copper and shiny so that it looks great.



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